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Marvelous Beauty Potion.

Our Marvelous Beauty Potion, powered by Batana Oil is a revelation in the world of beauty. It is clinically proven to penetrate hair follicle, moisture and keeping your hair thick, shiny and irresistibly soft. But where is the magic here? Batana Oil does not only help for hair, but it's also skin's best friend. It can make the skin soothing, soft and hydrating. Forget about dry, itchy and rough skin. Did we mention it can help fade scars and stretch marks? It's not called a "miracle oil" for nothing. 

Wonderful Solution.

Batana Oil works as a lightweight yet intensive conditioning treatment, adding new life into dry and damaged hair, leaving it soft and easy to maintain. With our oil you can expect rapid hair growth that shines like a star. Explore the wonders of BatanaBio - where you are weeks away from transformation.

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Nurturing Beauty, Honoring Tradition.

At Batana Bio, we are not just a beauty store. We are testament to the power of tradition, authenticity and true beauty. We stand on strong foundation of timeless beauty rituals and the essence of Batana Oil. We've put tons of research and study to create perfect formula that replicates the essence of centuries-old beauty rituals. From the beginning, we've focused on building a brand that goes beyond mere products; it's a celebration of heritage and an exploration of beauty through Batana Oil. Our commitment to authenticity and quality is out of this world and that reflects in every drop of our oils.

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Pioneering Beauty With Purpose.

Our mission at Batana Bio is to encourage people to start respecting the beauty rituals from the past in bring them into daily routine of modern time. We really think that everyone deservers to experience the transformation from Batana. Our products: Batana Hair Oil, Batana Serum for Hair and Scalp and Batana Oil Hair cream are carefully chosen to fits anyone beauty routine. With a lot of research, but still, respecting the past and the nature we built formula that we doubt anyone can beat it. Explore the true potential with Batana and shine like never before.

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What People Are Saying

Ultimate Haircare Savior!

I purchased the Batana Oil - Complete Set, and it has become my ultimate haircare savior. The combination of the oil, serum, and hair cream is a game-changer. My hair feels stronger, healthier, and more manageable. I highly recommend this set to everyone!

Grace R.

Affordable and Effective!

I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of Batana Oil products. In a world where many haircare products can break the bank, these were budget-friendly. I tried the Batana Oil Hair Cream and found it to be both effective and easy on the wallet. My hair has never looked better!

Destiny G.

Great Quality!

The quality of Batana Oil products from this store is top-notch. I've tried various hair oils, but Batana Oil's hair serum is simply outstanding. It's not greasy, smells fantastic, and made my hair softer and shinier. I'm definitely coming back for more!

Camille R.